The quality of British lawmaking is declining.

British public officers are given a board game to play when they first learn about the legislative process. The Office of the Parliamentary Counsel, which writes laws for the government, came up with the phrase “Legislate?!” As they maneuver legislation through Parliament and around Whitehall, the players roll dice and move counters. They flip over cards to expose the system’s obstacles. “Ignore to indicate Queen’s Consent. Return two spaces.

“We require a new program motion. Ignore a turn. Whoever has their policy become the national law first wins.

Much of the procedure that runs Parliament is a result of custom rather than hard and fast rules, just like in many family games. One can bend the rules. One can cut corners. And it is what is taking place right now. Examining legislation is the most important responsibility of Parliament, yet it is being neglected.

As the new government has been ruling the country, it looks like a lot of things are now out of control, and law ruling is declining, in all of Great Britain.